chip-blauBerIC Technologies GmbH is staffed with a small group of well experienced RF, analogue and digital IC design engineers. Together, the team has more than 80 years of professional experience gained during the development of many wired and wireless applications ICs for many top semiconductor companies.

Our company complements its professional experience with a strong academic background proven by more than 40 published academic papers in several international journals and conferences.

IC design of any complex product is a multidisciplinary process which combines practical experience and in-depth theoretical knowledge in many technical areas. BerIC engineering staff comprise all what is necessary to translate our clients wish list into a working system.

„BerIC uses several methodologies to analyze, structure, manage, develop, verify and test our designs. All this is supported through a deep knowledge of a wide set of specific tools. We maintain a modular architecture approach making our systems and sub-systems manageable and flexible in terms of testability, extensibility, porting, trouble diagnosing and tractability.“

work flow

Our work flow is synthesized in the following chart:



Our company comprises specific know-how vital to the development of our activities: